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Pressure Seal Forged Steel Globe Valve

The pressure seal forged steel globe valve’s top and bottom-guided disc assures stem operation without side thrust caused by high pressure flow. The non-rotating stem help the valve achieve lower friction of all moving parts and longer stem packing life, which result in smooth, easy operation and tight shutoff under extreme pressures. The pressure seal [...]

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New and Unique Parallel Mount Kit Was Launched

Recently, GAM Gear, specializing in manufacturing precision gear reducers, servo couplings, and linear mounting kits, released the Parallel Mount Kit (PMK). The Parallel Mount Kit is newly developed as part of GAM’s innovative linear mount offering, and it is applicable to make it possible for almost any motor to be connected in parallel to any [...]

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All-Welded Metal Seated Ball Valve

The all-welded metal seated ball valve is certified to API 6D Q1 standards. Over 30 years of ball valve manufacturing success guarantees valves which will operate smoothly and provide many years of reliable service. It is available in carbon steel, various grades of stainless steel including duplex, and virtually any metallurgy required. The all-welded metal [...]

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The Way a High Pressure Non-Return Valve Works

High pressure non return valve is one which is designed to regulate flow in a particular direction. They are so specific in high pressure application that there can be no comparison made with these specialized valves and those of the traditionally available non return valves, which are so easily available in stores across the world. [...]

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Hydraulic Bypass Relief Valve

The hydraulic bypass relief valve features a new safer design that protects liquid and gases from venting out of the valve during normal operation and adjustment conditions. This valve has been especially designed to prevent the adjusting screw from backing out while making adjustments to the pressure setting. An o-ring has been incorporated around the [...]

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Two-Way Solenoid Valve

This type of two-way solenoid valve has one inlet and one outlet, and is used to permit and shut off fluid flow. The two types of operations are Normally Closed (NC) and Normally Open (NO). Two types of constructions apply to two-way solenoid valve, which is direct acting and internally piloted. With direct acting constructions, [...]

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Brake Load Sensing Valve

Load sensing valves are part of the braking system of a motor vehicle. They are responsible for monitoring the load of the vehicle. They measure the weight of the load, things such as: passengers, equipment, even a trailer. This acts as a sensor which regulates the pressure to be sent to the brakes. If there [...]

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In-line Mounted Pressure-Reducing Valve

The in-line mounted pressure-reducing valve allows operating a single clamp, or group of clamps, at a lower pressure than the rest of the fixture. It can be used to finely adjust the clamping force of selected components while keeping others at full pressure. Great new design can be used on pallet fixtures disconnected from a [...]

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Hydraulic Flow-Control Valve

The hydraulic flow-control valve is used to restrict fluid flow from a high-flow-rate power source, necessary for proper operation of some hydraulic components, such as swing clamps and fluid-advanced work supports. It provides a controlled flow rate in one direction, and unrestricted free flow in the opposite. It is a compact design that installs directly [...]

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Stand-Alone Sequence Valve

This type of stand-alone sequence valve is used to automatically sequence positioning, clamping, and supporting functions as system pressure increases. The stand-alone sequence valve can prevent fluid flow to a portion of the fixture until a predetermined trigger pressure is achieved and easily adjustable. The series-mounted version of the sequence valve is used for multi-stage [...]

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