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All-Welded Metal Seated Ball Valve

The all-welded metal seated ball valve is certified to API 6D Q1 standards. Over 30 years of ball valve manufacturing success guarantees valves which will operate smoothly and provide many years of reliable service. It is available in carbon steel, various grades of stainless steel including duplex, and virtually any metallurgy required.

The all-welded metal seated ball valve is available in an all welded body design based on performance and many years of experience. In addition, our welding know-how in manufacturing using certified welding techniques and newly developed welding methods eliminates distortion during welding. This assures perfect sealing without damage to sealing caused by traditional welding methods.

The all-welded metal seated ball valve is manufactured as a pipeline valve in accordance with API-6D specification. Therefore the clients are provided with greater selection when choosing a valve for specific service needs. It also features as follows:

All-welded body;

Seat seal construction seals both upstream and downstream;

Replaceable stem “O” ring seals

Plated ball;

Construction for easy adaption of several kinds of operators;

Through conduitFullPortopening orReducedPort;

Block and Bleed.

Standard Material of Parts:

Body Material A216 WCB/A105N
Ball Material A216 WCB/A105N (3mmENP)
Stem Material 1018/1040 (3mmENP)
Stem Key Material A675, GR 80
Trunnion Material A105N
Trunnion Cap Screws Material A574
Trunnion Seal Material VITON 90 DURO
Stem Bushing Material A105N
Stem Bushing Cap Screws Material A574
Stem Bushing Seal Material VITON 90 DURO
Inner Body Seal Material VITON 90 DURO
Seat Rings Material A105N (3mmENP)
Seat Ring Insert Material PTFE
Seat Springs Material X750
Outer Body Seal Material GRAPHOIL
Stem Seal Material VITON 90 DURO
Studs Material A194 2H
Nuts Material A193 B7
Mounting Plate Cap Screws Material A574
Mounting Plate Material A105N
Handwheel Material Ductile Iron



(Edited by Eloise Tsai)

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