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Brake Load Sensing Valve

Load sensing valves are part of the braking system of a motor vehicle. They are responsible for monitoring the load of the vehicle. They measure the weight of the load, things such as: passengers, equipment, even a trailer. This acts as a sensor which regulates the pressure to be sent to the brakes. If there is a heavy load then maximum pressure would be applied to the brakes. As the load lightens, so does the pressure applied to the brakes. There will only be maximum pressure applied to the brakes when there is a heavy load on the vehicle. The valve opens and closes depending on the strain put on the vehicle.

A load sensing hydraulic system helps to add power and pressure where needed. This works by the sensor on the valve monitoring the load on the vehicle and hydraulically applying pressure to the brakes. As the driver presses their foot on the brake pedal, more pressure would be applied to the brakes when there was a heavier load. The hydraulic fluid will be applied to the brakes to help increase this pressure.

This type of brake load sensing valve is designed for the low-flow segment. It facilitates the integration of load-sensing system design and electrohydraulic actuator technology — bringing high productivity, lower total system costs and easier fulfillment of emissions and safety regulations.

It is rated for a flow of up to 65 lpm (17.2 gpm) and work port pressure of up to 400 bar (5800 psi). Municipal vehicles, agricultural equipment, small cranes and construction machinery are among the key applications.

Featuring a modular design, the valve makes use of established building blocks in the design toolbox. For example, the pump inlet module and endplate are identical to those of the series of load sensing valve, preparing another series of load sensing valve for seamless integration in customized valve stacks, accommodating everything from simple to complex functionalities.

A new actuator of the brake load sensing valve provides the valve with its electrohydraulic platform. Incorporating a microcontroller for closed loop control, the actuator delivers excellent spool control and built-in fault monitoring. High tolerance towards temperature variations ensures a robust, reliable valve performance in all conditions.

(Edited by Eloise Tsai)

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