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Hydraulic Bypass Relief Valve

The hydraulic bypass relief valve features a new safer design that protects liquid and gases from venting out of the valve during normal operation and adjustment conditions. This valve has been especially designed to prevent the adjusting screw from backing out while making adjustments to the pressure setting. An o-ring has been incorporated around the adjusting screw to further prevent liquid from escaping.

The hydraulic bypass relief valve ranges in size from 3/8”through2”and operates efficiently with liquids of any viscosity at pressures from 2 to 1000 P.S.I.

The hydraulic bypass relief valve is available in flange or screw type with a choice of brass, cast iron, steel and stainless steel.

Widely used in a variety of applications, the hydraulic bypass relief valve is ideally suited in hydraulic and lubricating systems for load regulation and system protection. Special trim or packings are available for use with fire resisting fluids and other liquids of this type.

The hydraulic bypass relief valve can be mounted in any position. A tee may be inserted in the pump discharge line to mount the valve. The correct size of valve should be installed, preferably matching the pump discharge line. Screw the valve into the nipple in the tee, or in the case of the flange style, bolt the valve to the companion flange screwed into the nipple. When the valve is used for frequent bypassing of oil pressure, its outlet should be piped back to the tank. Care must be taken to have the discharge well below the oil level in the tank to prevent air entrainment and erratic operation.

Only if the valve is used as safety or overload relief and operates infrequently may its discharge be piped back into the pump suction line. Frequent or continuous operation under these conditions will cause excessive heating of the oil and possible damage.

The hydraulic bypass relief valve can be mounted in any position with sizes ranging from 3/8”through2”, and will operate efficiently with any application or viscosity at pressures from 2 to 1000 psi. Flange or screw connections are available in brass, cast iron, steel or stainless steel. All parts are completely interchangeable and convertible with other series of valves.

The valve offers chatter-free performance and is ideally suited for hydraulic and lubricating system protection. It features a patented modulating piston design with absolute or differential pressure operation. The advanced modulating operation allows the hydraulic bypass relief valve to be used in many different applications including positive displacement or centrifugal pump and system protection.

(Edited by Eloise Tsai)

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