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Pressure Seal Forged Steel Globe Valve

The pressure seal forged steel globe valve’s top and bottom-guided disc assures stem operation without side thrust caused by high pressure flow. The non-rotating stem help the valve achieve lower friction of all moving parts and longer stem packing life, which result in smooth, easy operation and tight shutoff under extreme pressures.

The pressure seal forged steel globe valve features an impactor hand wheel and a non-rotating stem so that the valve will require lower operating torque.

Compared to castings, forged valve bodies offer the advantages of more uniform structure, greater density and higher strength integrity.

It is fully guided at the top and bottom, which assures perfect seat and disc alignmentin spite of the side thrust caused by high flow velocities and pressuredifferentials. This protects the stem frombending, scoring and galling and provides longer disc, seat and body life.

It also features as follows:

Gear actuators are standard from6”(150 mm), depending on size and pressure class.

Complete ranges of options include electric, hydraulic and pneumatic actuators;

Pre-installation of switches, positioners, thrust and torque sensors;

overides, limit stops and most standard accessories;

Body guided disc eliminates the effects of side thrust;

The forged disc has an integral Stellite hardfaced seat and guide surface;

The integral Stellite hardfaced seat provides maximum resistance to erosion and wear under high flow velocities and distortion due to extreme temperature changes and piping loads.

Stores the required sealing load during a pressure or temperature induced transient which cause bonnet movement.

The entire seat area is visible, so quick repairs in-line can be made after removal of the bonnet assembly. Minor seat damage can be removed by lapping, and major damage can be repaired with portable boring tools.

The pressure seal area can also be refinished with a simple honing tool.

(Edited by Eloise Tsai)

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